I've managed to stop the bleeding.

I remember what I saw.

I want to be with her.


Jeremy put on some climbing boots.

Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him?

Not only did I eat pulao, but I also ate kebabs.


Revised is unimpressed.


This sees English as a system obeying miles of grammar and sentence structure which have to be learned in detail and applied rigorously.


Margot should have listened to Ed more carefully.

Teachers have difficulty coping with superior intelligence.

When writing a sentence, generally you start with a capital letter and finish with a period (.), an exclamation mark (!), or a question mark (?).

It looked almost impossible for him to finish his book.

I'm going to be a doctor.

These students are suspected of cheating.

He has much money but few friends.

He knew that life would never be the same again.

Who are you with?

Lady Luck favors the adventuresome.

I advised him to take a rest.

The bus stopped to take up passengers.

I haven't read this book.

Patience isn't one of my virtues.

When do you expect us to do that?


The Chinese government issued a white paper entitled "Diaoyu Islands are China's inherent territory" on the 25th.

He looks old, but he hasn't reached 30 yet.

A morning appointment is better for me.

I entered Manolis's room.

Please be careful in Boston, OK?

Obviously, there's to be some kind of mistake.

What's with the hat?

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If you drive with anything less than extreme caution, you're risking your life.

Corey said he really did want to be here today.

I believe you are honest.


My hat is bigger than Jim's.

I am a being of light in the body of a monkey.

Those who commit rape must be punished.


Go and help wash the dishes.

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They caught the robbers red-handed.

The situation called for quick, decisive action.

Can I speak to you for a minute?


Are you sure that's all?


Jeffie found the exercise exhausting.


He was an American, as I knew from his accent.

We're safe here for the moment.

We, by ourselves, are able to, without a typical crab.

I don't like modern films.

Do you know where Boston is?


Let me see what it looks like.

Our plane was flying above the clouds.

I like listening to you sing.

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Bald people leaving for San-Francisco can't put any flowers into their hair.

I want to tell Olof I love her.

She does not like green peppers.

Ken finally accomplished what he set out to do.

The printer needs paper.

I know what he does and what he tells other people to do.

What makes you think we shouldn't go?


While napping, I had a strange dream.

We have a little time before my concert.

Bucharest and Budapest are two different cities in two different countries.

Your composition has a few mistakes.

You should be careful in choosing friends.

My mother will make me a birthday cake.

I've got a train to catch.

I told her what I think.

Then I sang a silly song about an ant who tried to wrestle a chewing gum.

Tracy walked up to the counter and ordered a drink.

Netherlands wallop Spain.


The building that I saw was very large.


I lost the watch.

You should've told me you didn't know how to do this.

We quarrel a lot, but we always manage to patch things up.


Let's get busy.

What'll you do tomorrow?

Spring is the season for planting trees.

The pressure is enormous.

How far is it from here to Boston?

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I like science fiction better.

Sir is on the computer.

Don't interfere with it.


Everett can do a lot of things that I can't do.

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I knew Shel might be right about that.

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That happened last week.

Cliff took out his flashlight and turned it on.

Would you like me to proofread this?

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If these drugs are stopped abruptly, then some withdrawal symptoms may occur.

I'm baffled.

I didn't put as much salt in the soup as usual. I wonder if Siegurd will notice the difference.

Have you tried online dating?

Hwa has resigned.


This decision was hard to make.

Patricio rose with great care.

I'm sorry, I dropped my knife.

The barber gave Perry a mohawk.

A party is a good place to make friends with other people.

Do you want to know what it means?

Can I bum a cigarette off you?

The foreigner didn't know Japanese at all.

No one will stop us.


I think I liked you better the way you were before.

That ought to do it.

They are living on charity.


They are manufacturing TV sets in this factory.

I have no idea of how to send a fax.

Can't you see Petr isn't interested?

You must have been surprised to meet your teacher in such a place.

Rathnakumar's hiding something, too.

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You might want to read this while we're waiting.

Stop immediately.

We'll all be killed if we aren't careful.


I shouldn't have asked Old that question.


You're disturbing my reading.


It has been ten years since my father passed away.

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Everyone pointed at her.


Where is his clinic located?

This sentence is still ambiguous, even though it isn't long.

She hasn't cleaned her room yet.

Can you ever forgive us?

I receive a million messages a day and I can't answer them all.

Will the present make him happier?

He's a well-known person.

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Hal wanted to avoid Elaine.


He wants more sago and agar-agar.

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Harold understands Theodore.


Fish like carp and trout live in fresh water.

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Janice was convicted of kidnapping in 2013.


I don't want to lose them.

Randall needs some sleep.

I think you look like Denis.


I'll drive you to school.


There's no one more deaf than he who does not want to listen.

English is not easy for us.

That man brushes his teeth.


Put that stuff back in the box.


The stars are too far away.

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I didn't come here for them.

You don't trust me anymore, do you?

Calhoun wanted to be the next president.

Jiri is always late to class.

Tomorrow I'll turn 28.


This is the house where he was born.

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Kate informed the police about John's plan to rob the bank.

I saw Sean here in the park just a while ago.

He asked her seven times to marry him.

I need an escort.

I didn't want you to make a fuss.

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Thank you for helping me find a good job.

I hope you two are hungry.

I'm used to getting my own way.

You are very welcome.

Can you turn up the heat?


Hillel doesn't need to do that if he doesn't want to.